Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Switching up your Space

In light of my recent obsession with Nate's book, I decided to move my furniture around last night...I wanted the space to reflect me a little bit better.

I started at my local thrift store, and seventeen well-spent dollars later, I was inspired to switch up everything. I highly recommend finding a good "junk" store near you. It is pretty difficult in Atlanta to find a "junk" store...I suggest getting out in the country a little bit; don't be afraid to dig, sand, paint and spit-shine.

Here are some pictures of my new and improved apartment!

What you're seeing:
  • Vintage chairs that were my grandmother's with a "magazine basket" which is a straw and leather tote that I bought in Santa Margherita on the Italian Riviera.
  • On the end tables: the creed of Phi Mu, my favorite picture of my sister and me, a Carnival mask that I bought in Venice, a coffee table book on Impressionism from the Smithsonian, a shell filled with potpourri and a milk-glass bud vase from the thrift store (49 cents)
  • On the wall: my first license plate, a black ink pen print from the thrift store ($8) and a painting that I bought from a street vendor in Paris
  • The shutter is an easy and cheap way to display favorite photos and even artwork. The painting displayed is a watercolor of Burano Island; the size of the piece is not standard, and I didn't want to spend a ton of money on framing so I clothes-pinned it to the shutter
 What you're seeing:
  • Straw tray from thrift store ($5), a copy of one of my favorite books Gone with the Wind, my favorite Thymes candle, a cut glass bowl from thrift store ($2), vintage mirror, brown glass bottle from thrift store, tassel from graduation, coffee table book on the life of Audrey Hepburn and woven place mat. 
 What you're seeing:
  • Hand-me-down love seat and wing chair from my aunt, knotted throw, fabulous cow-hide rug and my great-grandmother's fur shrug with my grandmother's pearls.
 What you're seeing:
  • a refurbished vanity that my mom found for a steal, the book that started all of this madness, a few pictures of my favorite people and postcards from a fantastic plantation home in Charleston.

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