Saturday, June 1, 2013

So Many Books...So Little Time

I've been a bit of a bookworm lately. I just finished The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. I will tell you I was a bit skeptical of reading a historical fiction novel about one of the most important American novelists of all time, but I can't say enough about how fantastically this book was written.

The Paris Wife chronicles the life of Hadley Richardson Hemingway throughout the early years of her courtship and marriage to Ernest Hemingway. Again, I don't know what it is with me and doomed love,  but while you know from the onset that theirs is a love headed for disaster, you can't help but root for Hadley and Ernest.

While I wouldn't describe this as a light-hearted read, I will say it is quite the "page turner." Most refreshing about this modern-day classic is that we gain perspective on a seldom talked about historical figure. Who knows if we would have the great works of Ernest Hemingway if there had been no Hadley. After all, when asked about his first wife Ernest responded, "I wish I had died before I loved anyone but her."

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