Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekly Whimsy

This week's installment should be entitled Weekly Meltdown, Weekly Debacle or Weekly Fail...I have dyed my hair at home many, many times, and to be truthful, I think I've always done a pretty darn good job. This weekend was a completely different story. Allow me to take you through my weekend completely derailed by...


Beautiful, natural-looking brunette color, right? WRONG! My roots looked to be about the color of the above picture, and the ends of my hair were black, almost purple.

So what do I do? In my moment of distress, I commit the cardinal sin of hair coloring. I went back to CVS and bought a lighter hair color to dye over the black...really bad idea! It did nothing...duh! 

I then began looking up ways to remove permanent hair color from recently dyed hair. One tip stated that I should wash my hair with laundry detergent. This, surprising, did work a little bit. I will continue to wash out detergent for weeks, but as I was washing I could smell the chemical coming out and even saw some color washing out. I then washed my hair with dandruff shampoo mixed with baking soda, and I got it to look like...

I still thought the color was too dark; however, so I tried another method. This time I crushed up vitamin C tablets and mixed with a clarifying shampoo (head and shoulders), and proceeded to coat my hair in this paste. I wrapped a plastic bag around my coated hair, and let it sit for 40 minutes. I washed out the paste and got...


I should have taken these pictures in the same lighting, but you get the general idea. The good news is that my hair is finally an even color, and I got pretty close to my natural color (this is what I was going for). The moral of the story...go to the beauty parlor. Never, I repeat, never will I try to do my hair myself again, and if you see me getting the itch to me from myself!

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