Sunday, May 11, 2014

London Days I & II

Whew - what a whirlwind this has been, and it's only just the beginning.

Day I -

Stu and I left the States Friday, and took the red eye to London - to our pleasant surprise, Delta has a partnership with Virgin Atlantic, which made for a rather sweet ride to London - our anxiety-laden selves fared quite well on the British airline, maybe it's the accents, but we felt somehow safer and had a lovely, smooth flight to the UK.

Who doesn't love heart-shaped sunglasses on an eyemask?
We're off!
Sweets for landing - I want to fly Virgin everywhere!
After quite the trek through tube stations - let me just say, that's a lot of stairs for a 50 pound suitcase, and I must look pitiful because a lovely gentleman carried my bag up the stairs for me - we made it to our adorable flat in Bayswater.

Bayswater flat
Front of the flat
Thank the good Lord for espresso and Ann-Mari's (owns our flat) foresight in providing us with some much needed liquid consciousness. Once caffeinated, we were ready to take on Kensington Gardens and Palace...
Kensington - gardens and palace
With Victoria

Gates in remembrance of Diana, Princess of Wales
Had to!

Pub time!
A very large and very delicious beer

And at the end of a windy, rainy London day - you get hair that looks like this

Day II -

This morning we got up relatively early, and were, once again, on the road, or rather, train. Our day trip to Bath was unreal - I mean seriously, who gets to live in places that look like this? I'll let the pictures do the talking...

Roman Baths

The Bath Abbey

The Bath Abbey

Inside Bath Abbey

My new residence
Stu - 'fan-girling' at the Jane Austen Center

Ahh Mr. Darcy!

A proper tea at the Regency Tea Room

Umm, Jane Austen attended balls in these Assembly Rooms

The Circus

The Royal Crescent


Ahhh - Can I stay forever?

 Until tomorrow!

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