Sunday, May 5, 2013

So Many Books...So Little Time...

Several months ago, I decided that I needed to have consistent posts about things that inspire and excite me. So far, I've been quite satisfied with the "regulars" on my blog. Weekly Whimsy allows me to capture anything that "strikes my fancy," and Destination Inspiration creates an avenue for me to explore my love of travel as well as fashion. What I have failed thus far to convey is the great pleasure that I take in a good book.

I have often thought back on when I became so transfixed by literature, and I have to credit my mother's mother, Grandmommy. It is her great love of literature that ignited my passion for the written word. As a child I spent many a Friday or Saturday evening with my grandparents, inevitably, bedtime would come but never without a "goodnight story." I relished in these moments as a child and I've never been able to get over the magic of a good book. They whisk you away, inspire, and mesmerize you, and they are the only avenue through which you can find true escape and solace.

So here it is, a new "regular" where I will provide reviews of my most recent adventures. I hope to provide at least one a month, but if my passion as of late continues, you will have many more opportunities to hear from me, lucky you!

Here's my first of many reviews...

by Lelia Meacham 

When I say that this book had me mesmerized, I can assure you that my word choice carries no ounce of exaggeration. 

This epic love story of 700 pages took me two and a half days to read. Now, I can get into a good book, don't get me wrong, but typically my reading time occurs right before I fall asleep. An average night includes 1-2 chapters before I doze off, this book; however, was an entirely different story. Meacham's ability to bring her characters to life is something that I have not encountered since reading Margaret Mitchell's timeless classic, Gone with the Wind

I don't want to spoil anything for you, so I will refrain from a synopsis. I will; however, forewarn you that your heart will be broken after reading the stories of Percy and Mary. This is one of those incredibly frustrating stories that starts at the end and then works backward.

While I can tell you that this book had me in a trance, I cannot tell you that I felt completely satisfied upon its completion. Now, that's not to say that a book must be a fairy tale for me to have that sense of satisfaction at the end, but I felt that the first 500 pages of the book were far to tragic to justify the ending. The ending, I felt, wrapped years of heartbreak and betrayal in a nice little package and left you with a feeling that the author may have strayed from the character of the book; however, I wouldn't let the ending deter you from reading.

Using a five-star rubric, I would give this book 3.5 stars, and I definitely recommend reading it. The character development of Mary and Percy is phenomenal and their love so strong it's palpable. Any art form that can linger with and affect you as profoundly as these characters have lingered and remained with me is well worth the read. 


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