Friday, May 16, 2014

Paris Day II; London Day V

Our poor swollen feet - Stu and I were struggling in Paris on day two, but hey, I looked cute because I got asked for directions in French not once but twice - my life is complete - I looked Parisian. Here are some details about the past two days.

Paris Day II -

We headed out early to visit the Luxembourg Gardens, but stopped first to grab some pain au chocolat - yum! The gardens and palace were beautiful - next time I'm in Paris I need to stay for a while, so I can just sit and enjoy all of the beauty around me.

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens

We were then off to Ile Saint Louis - a beautiful little island behind Ile de Cite, which provided a lovely backdrop to take some more pictures of Notre Dame, because you really can't have too many.

Looking all Parisian

Next Stop: Shakespeare and Co. bookstore - I apparently missed the sign that said you couldn't take pictures, so here are some for your enjoyment - I could absolutely get lost in a book at this place.

Next on the list was the fabulous wine tasting at O Chateau - and now I know that our cheese in America is complete garbage - I only have a few pictures from this expedition, as I was mostly stuffing my face with Brie and Goat cheese, and of course, drinking fantastic wines.

Next stop Musee l'Orangerie and Musse D'Orsay - oh bless my impressionistic heart - in love. Of course, you can't take pictures, but I did manage one out the window of the D'Orsay - a beautiful view of Sacre Coeur; as well as one of the inside of the museum - a former train station that is, again, beautiful.


And finally, on to Monmartre for Sacre Coeur - just so you can get an idea - by this time we have literally be walking for approximately 24 out of the past 48 hours - hence the swollen, aching feet. Add to it the 30 pound backpack I'm carrying around - let's just say that the stairs up to the cupola were quite an accomplishment at the end of the day - and what a treat we got!

London Day V -

Ahhh sleeping in a bit! Today we dialed it back, got up later than has been the trend and went to Hampton Court Palace, former residence of Henry the VIII. Stu went nuts for this place, and I also quite enjoyed it - especially the part of the palace that belonged to the Tudors.

We made it back into the city in time to catch Jersey Boys - one of my all time favorites!


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