Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's amazing how far a simple "thank you" can go!

I think one of  the most basic desires of all people is to be appreciated. When I was younger my Mother would at times become upset because she felt that my sister and I didn't appreciate all that she did for us...and believe me it is unbelievable how much full-time moms do for their children. However, I would often times get frustrated when she made comments about my lack of  appreciation; I just didn't understand the power of "thank you." It is such a simple thing, but I truly believe that those two words can turn a day around.

Now that I have gotten a little older, and I've taken on some demanding positions of my own, I have discovered that being appreciative is the single most important thing anyone can do for me. I believe that a truly great leader does nothing out of selfish ambition, but strives to serve others. I don't do the things that I do to get recognized or praised, but when I get a "thank-you" or "I appreciate your hard work" it makes all  the stress disappear and my efforts so worth the while!

Today, tell someone you love that you appreciate all that they do for can change the course of their day...and it's just so simple!

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