Wednesday, February 27, 2013

30 Day Update

Does it work?

It has been a little over a month since I posed the big question regarding Pinterest workout routines, and here are the results:

My measurements are still the same; however, I do feel more toned, and I am liking the way that my clothes fit more and more.

There are; however, downsides to a consistent workout routine involving the same exercises and number of reps...your body becomes accustomed to the workout, and in order to see results you need to keep your body guessing.

Here are some ways to change it up:
  1. Switch up number of reps
  2. Rearrange the order in which you do the exercises
  3. Go for a walk once in a while instead of completing the toning exercises
  4. Throw in a completely new routine a few days a week...I'm particularly liking Lauren Conrad's 30-Minute Workout

My goal in all this has really been to just be active and do something (doesn't matter how long or strenous) 5-6 times weekly. As one of my favorite people, Bethany Frankel, would say, "Do what you can!" You'll feel so great about yourself and your body!

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