Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weekly Whimsy

This past weekend I traveled to beautiful Asheville, NC to visit Mary, my best friend, and her family. It was a fantastically relaxing, charming weekend, and I, of course, carved out a little bit of time for my favorite pastime, antiquing.

I collect milk glass and jadeite pieces, and one of the best things about collecting is the "thrill of the hunt." While in the mountains, Mary and I ventured to the quaint town of Hendersonville, where I hit the jadeite jackpot. Jadeite is extremely collectible, and with as much "junking" as I do, you'd think I'd find more, but I very rarely do.

Check out some of my finds below...well worth the splurge!

Egg cups

Egg cups and jewelry hand

Make-up mirror on cake plate (my mirror isn't tall enough for me to sit at the kitchen bar without hunching over; I use this cake plate for a little extra height

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